Sustainable 12-color giclée art reproductions for museums, image makers and (web) shops

Artimedes BV has been the specialist in reproducing and digitizing works of art for years. Our family-owned company stands for high quality, continuity and careful cooperation with our partners.

Our 12-color giclée reproductions approach the originals very closely. The extra gray and black tones that we use and the manual varnishing (canvas) ensure optimal quality.

It is important to our critical and professional clients that the reproductions of their original works do not fade over time. That is why we use UV-light resistant pigment inks that do not discolor!

With a certificate with every Giclée, we guarantee the color authenticity for at least 100 years!

Who do we work for?

Artimedes BV works for renowned museums, painters, photographers and other image professionals who aim for sustainable top quality. We are proud of this.

We are also collaborative and consulting partners in the field of e-commerce and retail sales. For example, we have developed sales software that makes it easy for our partners to sell framed giclée art reproductions, online and in the physical store.

Financial settlement

You will receive the payments of the orders and Artimedes will at the same time receive a copy of the order. We then take care of the entire order processing. Every week we will send you an invoice for the shipped orders. Your margin is very interesting. Contact us for information.


All giclée reproductions are sustainable.The giclées do not discolor or fade because we use pigment inks. Giclée reproductions on canvas are manually varnished twice before being secured on stretcher bars and then framed. The varnish brings out the colors and protects against dirt and scratches.

With the included Certificate of Authenticity, a 100 years of color authenticity is guaranteed.

The wood we use for the frames and the stretcher bars is harvested with respect for the local population and forest workers. The biodiversity in the forest is affected as little as possible. The wood is harvested according to national and international legislation with full right of use. The stretcher frames are PEFC certified.

Content services

We can fill the sales software module with the images of which you want to sell framed giclée reproductions. These can be images from your own collection and/or bestsellers from our other licensed art collections. Once filled and integrated with your website, the sales can begin.

Digitizing Original Art

Perhaps you already possess digital files of your artworks. If this is not the case or if you want to have new works digitized, we can take care of that. With special professional equipment we digitize your artworks on location or at our office. We can also scan your original works in very high resolution with the latest professional flatbed scanner for small and large formats. The high-tech scanner even scans through glass, so an artwork that is positioned behind glass does not necessarily have to be removed from the frame.

Kunst scanner

Display for the physical store

You can also sell prepackaged giclées with or without a passe-partout in your physical store. For this purpose we provide beautiful displays.
The consumer browses through the stock in the display and takes the selected packaged giclées to the checkout to pay.


Artimedes BV grants license rights on behalf of image makers/rights holders to manufacturers who use images on their products. This is always carried out in close consultation with the image makers/rights holders and only with their permission.